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Students Receive Robert M. Holstein, Jr. Scholarships

November 19, 2013 by Website Admin

When someone’s life continues to bear fruit even after God has called that person to Him, we realize the tremendous blessing we had in our midst whilst that person was with us.  Such is the gift so many had the privilege and honor to celebrate while Robert M. Holstein, Jr. was alive.  St. Francis once said that we ought to preach the Gospel everywhere we go, and if necessary, to use words.  As a man for others, Mr. Holstein lived what he preached and truly demonstrated the great love he had for God through the tireless, loving service he gave towards his neighbor. 

His legacy of service and love continues to benefit so many in our Dominican schools through the Robert M. Holstein, Jr. Endowed Memorial Scholarship which two of our own Sacred Heart Elementary eighth graders recently received.  Crystal Guerrero and Samantha Schuman were each awarded a $1,500.00 scholarship toward their 2013-2014 tuition. 

Crystal Guerrero has contributed generously of her time to a number of community, church, and school activities.  If she is not helping teachers, one might find her singing in the choir, setting up for school functions, selling items in the student store, or keeping score during a volleyball tournament.  As a Girl Scout,Crystal shares her organizational and leadership skills with others.  She is a positive role model for her classmates, always providing examples of unselfish service with conviction, love, and respect.

Conscientious of her blessings, Samantha Schuman’s commitment and concern for other shines through in everything she does.  Her willingness to serve as Jesus did is reflected in her compassion for others.  She certainly shares Mr. Holstein’s concern for the poor and marginalized and demonstrates it by defending those whose human dignity has been wronged.  And she does this with a quiet strength, a profound respect, and a sense of fairness for all.

St. Irenaus once said that “the Glory of God is a person fully alive.”  As a man for others, Mr. Holstein lived what he preached, and as such, was able to be a source of light for others.  We are grateful to God for blessing us with such wonderful people in our lives, and for the gift of our own Sacred Heart students who truly try to love others by using the talents God has given them without counting the cost.


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