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Sacred Heart Elementary is committed in providing all students in all grades the opportunity to enrich their lives and lead them towards success through music. We partner with the Young Musicians Foundation to offer our students quality instruction in music at all grade levels as part of their in-school curriculum courses. 

The YMF Approach

“Guided by a framework of benchmark music skills and the Visual and Performing Arts Standards in Music, the YMF approach to Early Childhood and General Music education emphasizes exploration and play through music. Our program develops the whole child by providing opportunities for them to explore fundamental music concepts in a safe and engaging environment.”

TK-2nd Grade: 

Early childhood general music provides the foundation for instrumental and vocal training in later grades through three key areas: musical aptitude; social and emotional development; and academics.

3rd – 5th Grade:

General music skills and concepts are developed further and include opportunities to apply them through playing the recorder, percussion, and vocal ensembles.

6th – 8th Grade:

Standards-aligned core concepts continue to be developed and are applied to a variety of opportunities for experience and exploration such as music technology, percussion, and vocal ensembles.

The music program is meant to provide opportunities for our students to develop their social, emotional, and physical skills. The music program is part of the school’s weekly curriculum and is held every Tuesday. Learning how to play an instrument and read musical notes has proven to increase memory capacity, teach perseverance, better mathematical abilities, improve reading and comprehension skills, teach discipline, elevate performance skills and reduce stage fright. We are very excited to provide this wonderful opportunity for our students.

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