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Butterflies Released at SHES!

May 1, 2013 by Principal

The First grade & TK classes have been studying habitats in science. Both classrooms were given a “Butterfly Garden” and 10 caterpillars to observe the four stages of metamorphosis.  

The students watched the life cycle of the painted lady butterfly in an artificial habitat (a mesh enclosure).  They watched as each larva (caterpillar) became a chrysalis (pupa) and then an adult butterfly. While in this artificial habitat, all of the butterfly’s needs for food and shelter were met. The children fed them oranges and placed leaves & flowers for the butterflies to enjoy.  On Monday, April 29th, the 1st grade classroom gathered in the school yard, and released their butterflies to their natural habitat. The students watched their butterflies venture upward, with a brief stay in the schoolyard, as the butterflies rested on the kids clothing.  We will all keep an eye out for them as they sometimes remain for a week or two at the place of their release.

The students are especially thankful to Ms. Margie Duarte, Grandmother to Sophia Vasquez (1st) and Tony Vasquez (TK) and SHES alum, who donated the butterfly life cycle projects.  



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