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Financial Aid

Catholic Education Foundation

DEADLINE: Parents MUST submit for this program by March 21st.

All students are eligible for the need-based Tuition Award Program offered by the Catholic Education Foundation. Each eligible student who applies will receive an $800 annual scholarship.

Download the CEF Application – English »

Download the CEF Application – Español »

Accepted Financial Documentation

  • Recent tax returns or W2 forms
  • Formal letter of disbursement for Unemployment, Disability and/or Social Security 
  • Formal letter of disbursement for AFDC, Food Stamps and/or WIC
  • Court order of alimony and/or child support


Scholarships are provided through foundation/grant support for Tuition assistance.

Tuition assistance and scholarships are provided year-round as necessary. The Sacred Heart Development Board has an alumni-based Club of Tens that awards $500 to students enrolled at Sacred Heart. Students apply for this scholarship by writing an essay, wherein they describe their academic achievements and the service they provide their community.

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